Pasta, rice, coffee.

Whenever boyfie is on dayshift schedule, Saturdays are always Cheat Day.


(the joke part there is that my Cheat Day is not only Saturday. Most of the time, it’s from Sunday to Saturday. HAHA!)

Usually, we’re (I mean, I’m :p) already planning where to have dinner, days before Saturday but yesterday I didn’t have any plans where to go. This time, I want somewhere nice but not so pricey. When I’m thinking about nice places, coffee shops are on top of my list. I love everything about coffee shops; coffee, pasta, cakes, cool quiet place where you can talk for hours, and everything. But boyfie seldom enjoys coffee shops. Sigh. Mainly because most of the coffee shops are pricey compare to the food serving. One of my favorite coffee shop in San Pablo have not so pricey items and have lots of choices on their menu. Though all of their foods have great taste, their serving is not that many. So boyfie, as a regular guy that he is, is not satisfied, bitin. But I really really want to go to a coffee shop last night so I suggested that we eat first somewhere with rice meals, so that he can be satisfied, and then we’ll have coffee after.

So we went to this new place where, according to some of my friends, have good foods in cheap prices. LeManays. 

credit to the owner


The place in not fancy, it’s simple yet colorful, having yellow and violet as their theme.



For their menu, They have lots of choices, from pasta, sandwiches, snacks, sweets, drinks, and rice meals (yay for boyfie!).


I ordered Dencio De Mare. It’s like Puttanesca, it’s very tasty and the serving size is just right. Thumbs up from me!


While, boyfie ordered Adobo con Todo. It’s a mixed pork and chicken adobo with egg and veggies. The pork and chicken are very sooooft, not like the usual adobo on other food shops. Gladly, boyfie enjoyed his meal, yay!!


Before leaving, I went to their restroom and this cute plates that makes the room very Retro is so coooool.


After our main course, we went to a coffee shop just beside LeManays, Cafe de Casia. I love the place! It’s small that makes the ambiance very intimate, and they used earth colors for their wallpaper which made the place looks classy. And oh, those frames that looks so vintage-ey, like!!



Their menu includes, of course, different kinds of coffee, pasta, rice meals, and snacks. We ordered Iced Latte and Amazing Mocha Frappe. Too bad, their desserts are not yet available so we just had Ultimate Fries (too cheesy huhu. Good thing, boyfie ate all the cheese, haha!)



Another thing that I like on the place is their centerpiece on each table, typography about coffee/foods. Very cutey!


Overall, our foodtrip last night was so good that we don’t mind to go back on those food shops every now and then. Good foods without spending too much. 🙂

Last thing, what made the night very good is the person I am with. ❤

Chals!!! Hahahaha. Just trying to be sweet and mushy, haha!


❤ G

** LeManays and Cafe de Casia are located at P. Zamora St., San Pablo City, Laguna.



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