Getting Nude.

Today, I decided to get nude.

No, not THAT nude. It’s the color, nude.

Doing nude is like a thing now, especially in make-up, like those ‘woke up like this’ look. But since I’m not used wearing make-up, I did nudity in my OOTD.

Actually, I didn’t have any plans of what to wear for church today, so I just decided minutes before we leave home. This beige blouse that I wore was the first thing I saw in my closet and since I don’t wanna wear maong pants on Sundays (because maong pants are meant for everyday work; Sundays are meant for those clothes I can’t wear in a manufacturing set-up. Dress, skirts, shorts, sandos, and so on.) I decided to pair the blouse on a beige skirt. Luckily, my mom also have beige flats so I wore it also to match the nude clothes I’m wearing.

BTW, so proud to say that my outfit costs less than 200php. Talking about ukay ukay 😉 ❤️G





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