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All Saints Day 2015.

Spiritism has been in the country since the sixteenth century. From that practice/belief, came the birth of Union Espiritista Cristiana  de Filipinas, Inc. My grandmother, my mother’s mom, and her family, was part of this religious group in La Resurreccion (Alaminos, Laguna chapter). I don’t know a lot about the group but I have witnessed their sessions many times. I can still remember when I was a kid, everytime I’m not feeling well, my parents will bring me to different old ladies and they will massage my body and forehead and they are like praying while they do this. It was just until now that I understand that they are all part of this group.

The first time that I have been in the Centro (their church) in Alaminos was when my Tito went there for an operation. Me and my cousins were all there. We have witnessed their operation, like an operation in an operating room but without tools and everything.  It may seems weird to others, even I, found it weird the first time I watched them. But I believe in them, our family does.

Every Nov. 1, as part of their belief, gates in heaven is open and all the spirits are coming out to visit their loved ones. In Centro, all the spirits that the group has prayed for or spirits of the family of the members, or any spirits who wants to greet the people who attends on the said session, is coming and thru a medium, they are greeting / leaving messages for the family members or to the group.

Before, Troy’s first time to visit the Centro, he left a message, “Bagamat isang paslit, ako’y nagpapasalamat sa kapatiran, sa walang hanggang liwanag sa aking dinaraanan.” (“Though a young child, I’m thanking the group for the light you’re giving me on my way/journey”) Last year, we didn’t attend the Nov. 1 session but a member of the group told us that Troy visited again and that time, he was leading the group of spirits (our grandparents and other relatives). Meaning he was the spokesperson of the group and he mentioned all the names of the spirits who are with him.

Today, we decided to attend, to try our luck to hear Troy’s message again. The first group was led by my grandmother, she left a long message for her children and the group. She then mentioned all the spirits who are with her; my grandfather, and her other relatives. She also gave thanks to my Daddy for the support, understanding and eternal love that Daddy has been giving to Mommy. She told Daddy, that his child, Troy, is now with her. And then, Troy spoke. “Daddy, I love you. Mommy, I love you. Daddy, Mommy, and then my sister, thank you thank you. Good bye.” (Out of all the spirits, only Troy spoke in English. Haha! Even on the other side of the world, he’s still smart :p )

I can’t find words to explain the happiness that I felt after that; knowing that Troy is now in a good place, and has never forgotten us.

To Troy, I also want to thank you, for everything. I love you dearly. ❤ G



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