Frustrated Fashion Blogger.

There are days where you feels like your outfit looks really cool and you just wanna take a selfie and can’t wait to share that #OOTD of yours.

Posts be like:

  • Bragging about a good bargain.


  • Bragging about a pricey item.


  • If you do matching.


  • Wearing what’s trending.


  • Or simply, “#OOTD”


While for me, there are days where I want to tell a lot about my outfit like, where did I buy it, what made me buy it, the story behind that item, and bla bla. So being a follower of cool fashion bloggers in the country like Patricia Prieto, Vern and Verniece Enciso, Nicole Anderson, Laureen Uy, Camille Co, and others (btw, the list was arranged in a particular order, starting from my most favorite one ;)), I’ve been inspired blogging my OOTD, not everyday though, only sometimes if I feel like to.

I may not be as fashionistas as them, but being a frustrated writer / blogger that I am, I think I can work my way through it. 🙂 And for my first fashion blog entry, Sunday Blues.

❤ G

DISCLAIMER: I don’t have any posts like those above, the caption was just edited for the sake of this post. I don’t brag. Hmm. Ok, yea, sometimes I do. Haha! :p


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