The Sweet By And By

I just finished reading this book I bought two years ago from Booksale. There were three things I got from this book. Three things that I already know yet sometimes forget. Three things that I must not, never ever, forget.
First, the past should always stays in the past. Though it is important not to forget the things that happened in the past, still, we must not let these things affect our present, especially in relationships. I think I don’t need to explain why.
Second, our family, no matter how troublesome one is, will always be our family. God created family for us not to be alone. Some may have family problems of their own, but we must always think that no matter what happened, magpaikot ikot man ang mundo, they are our family and we should love and protect them the way God loves and protects us.
Lastly, “God is always with us. Dark and light are the same to Him”. Most of the times, we come to God during our darkest days but seldom remember Him during our happy days. It is a shame that I, myself, is guilty of that thing. Like what was mentioned, He is always with us and we must do the same thing. Talk to Him in bad and good days. Thank Him for bad and good days. Remember Him in bad and good days. Love Him for always.

I’m glad that I’ve finally got the chance to read this book. Another thing that I like in this book is that the authors was able to give the readers a guide to the story. A guide where all the keypoints in the story is indicated and leaves a good question in life. Questions like, …How has your life been impacted by the presence or absence of a parent, and Have you ever had a moment where you felt that God loves you and forgave you for everything?
Questions that will leave you thinking. Questions that is waiting to be answered when the day comes.



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