Legally Troy.

Most people are too excited to turn the age of 18. Turning 18 is the beginning of the road to adulthood. Drinking, driving, getting married, voting, and etc., are now legal. Birthday celebrators will be excited for their parents’ gift, whether it may be a party (where girls become princess for a night and guys will drink like there’s no tomorrow), cellphone, laptop, car, trip to here and there, a condo unit, jewelry, clothes, money, shoes, blah, blah, blah.


But there are some who will not receive any thing, no party, no extravagant / simple gift, no money; only the most powerful gift anyone can give: prayers.


Today marks the 18th birthday of my dear brother, if he is still alive. For the past four years, we, together with his highschool friends, celebrate his day as if he’s still with us. We’ll prepare flowers, balloons, cake, foods, table and chairs, just like what everyone is preparing for one’s birthday. We’ll eat, laugh, pray and remember Troy. Though today will be a little different since I have work and my parents will be attending a wedding somewhere not near our place, we will not be able to go to his grave but he is never forgotten. We’ll make sure that today, we will bless him with lots of prayer and love.

Our dear Troy, may you have the best 18th birthday party anyone can have up there. Enjoy and God bless you for always.




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