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Happy Sad.

There came a time in my life where Tumblr became my everyday hobby. It was during College years, where the said microblogging site became popular in my circle of friends. Every day, every night, we spent hours and hours posting / reblogging everything in Tumblr. As for me, Tumblr has been my haven during heartbreaks, problems w/ friends, family, and whatever problem a normal College girl can get.  It gives you stories of other people that you can relate to, quotes and images that are appropriate in your certain situation, and so on. As time goes on, I started to go less on my Tumblog, specially during my last year in College where everybody is busy with Thesis and everything.

Few minutes earlier, I decided to open Tumblr, just because. I keep on scrolling and scrolling but I can’t seem to reblog anything except for one post. Every post I can see is full of sadness, sh*tness, bitterness, blah blah. Then I started to miss my teenage years where I used to be sad on very little things, which was a big thing to me during those time. I started to miss those days where every f**king bitter quotes is so good that I want to reblog them every minute of the day. It’s weird, I know. But yea, I miss being sad. At this moment of my life, I don’t have reasons to be sad, in fact, I’m very much happy, with my family, my lovelife, my work (somehow). I just miss being sad because when I’m sad, I can find myself writing long journals / blog – which I really like. But I don’t want to be sad. But I miss being sad. Ironic. Weird. Blah.

Don’t get me wrong. I will say it again, I’m not sad now. #BecauseImHappy 😀

And I will end my post like this…….


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