Letter for Mr. 2013

Hi Mr. 2013,

In few hours, we’ll be sending our good-byes to you. But before you leave, I just want to thank you for everything. You’ve been so good to me, really. I may be a bitch sometimes but still, you never failed to give me awesome-sometimes-boring-and-routine days.

Our family lost two people this year, one of them is so dear and close to my heart, my Lolo. But He took them so that they will be in a better place, where there is no sadness and hurt. So for that, still, I thank you.

People go but more new people came. Thank you for letting me be close to one special guy. Thank you for giving us a blissful relationship where stress was never experienced by both of us. Today, marked a year of our friendship. I can still remember his call at this very exact day, last year. And the rest, as they say, was history.

So as I bid my good-bye to you, I’m also asking you to take all the negative vibes away. Nobody needs them.

So again, thank you dear 2013, xoxo.

Your friend,

PS. 2014, be good to me and my family. Let’s rock the world!


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