I’ve been trying to write something about this someone eversince this started but I don’t have the courage. Courage to analyze my feelings. Courage to admit what’s happening. Courage to let the world know what’s happening. Courage to be attached. Courage to fall in love. Courage to be broken once again.

It’s been just a month and as someone who falls too easily, it’s quite surprising that the feelings I have for this one is different. By different, what I meant is, maybe, just maybe, he likes me more than I like him – which is very new to me because as what I experienced many many times, I liked them more than they liked me.

We’re not yet officially together, but when we’re together I feel so protected and I feel so comfortable that I am myself whenever I’m with him. Yes, we do have our private moments together that we feel like we’re really lovers. But we’re not. It’s my choice, no commitments involved. But till when?

I’m scared that I’m giving him the friend zone treatment. There are times that I don’t want to talk to him, just because. And there are also times that I want to be clingy and sweet and all over him. I don’t know what I feel for him. I don’t want to know.


3 thoughts on “TFTFZ.

  1. Be courageous! It sounds like your about to have a good love story. But just so that you dont get your feelings hurt, let him make the first move, you never know till he does something


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