She’s so Lucky, she’s a star.

Hey, is this thing on?

I’ve been listening to old Britney songs for days. It makes me miss the past, the feel good 90s music, cassette tapes, my childhood, Britney Spears.

Yes, I used to be an avid fan of Britney. I first heard of Britney through my cousin, Ate K. As someone who doesn’t have any sister, I used to go through Ate K’s stuff to know what girls on her age love to listen and watch. And from her list, I got Charmed, Lindsay Lohan’s Parent Trap, and Britney Spears. I can still remember borrowing Ate K’s VHS tape, the “Time Out with Britney Spears,” if I am not mistaken. It is a documentary on how Britney started, her first album, the making of her first few music videos, touring, and etc. After watching that documentary, I started loving Britney Spears.

It was until that controversial dance with the snake, kiss with Madonna, 55 hours marriage, and so on, and so forth, that I started losing interest on her. It was also that time when CDs started to come out, which made me put all my cassette tapes into trash. Somehow, I regret that decision. Old school is cool, ya know.

By listening to Britney’s old songs, though she did a lot of controversial things, I can still say that my generation is lucky to grew up on her songs. From my loneliness is killing me to now I’m stronger than yesterday. Her songs are all reflections about that girl in the mirror.

“Never look back,” we said. How was I to know I’d miss you so?

…Baby One More Time album cover



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