I watched Cheche Lazaro Presents: Bigatin the other night. From the title itself, it’s a documentation about obesity. Aside from doctors, four people were interviewed, people who are/have been obese, one of those is Ms. Iza Calzado. The show caught my attention as I, myself, have been there. My so-called passion for eating started as early as 5 years old. I can still remember that 2 packs of pancit canton were not enough for me and I have three dinners everyday, in three different houses.

I didn’t feel bad about myself during that time as I didn’t experience being teased by classmates, and I’m not the only fat kid in our class so I don’t think I’m different, haha! I don’t know why I started going on a diet. Or no, I didn’t go on diet. Basta ang tanda ko, I was not eating during lunch time. Not to lose weight, but to do school stuffs. I got in the top honors kasi bigla, so mas pinili ko pang mag-aral than to eat during breaks, just to maintain my grades, naks!

It was then that I started losing weight, grade 4. Everybody noticed the change and started asking me what did I do. When I started to feel na, shet payat na nga ako, dun ko lang narealize how horrible I look like before. I then changed my clothes’ sizes, hindi na line of 3 ang pants ko, yung mga pang-alis ko na damit, sa sobrang laki, pambahay na lang, I started gaining confidence. Dun na nagstart yung feeling na I don’t want to be fat again. Iza Calzado mentioned on her interview na there comes a point na konting kain lang, feeling niya tumataba na siya. Konting gain ng weight, nagpapanic na kasi baka lumobo ulit siya. I’ve been in that phase too. Yung araw-araw, tinitingnan ko sarili ko sa salamin, and checking if tumataba na ba ulit ako. But I’m done with that phase. I think I was lucky na bata pa lang, nag lose na ko ng weight, hindi na umabot sa teenage stage. Although, conscious pa din ako everytime I feel that I’m gaining weight, but di na katulad before na nagpapanic ako. Now, iniisip ko na lang na madadaan naman sa exercise ang lahat.

So, from this famous cereal guy meme, kinapalan ko na ang mukha ko at inilagay ang sarili ko.

Kaya sa muli, ako po si Gem, ang bigatin ng Wawa. Bow.


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