Far from Disney

Reminder: If you came across this post because you are looking for book reviews to find out if Marla Miniano’s works are good, then stop reading this because it’s a little spoiler. Just go buy her books, they are good ones.


I’ve recently read two of Marla Miniano’s books, Every Girls’ Guide to Flings and Fangirl. I can’t actually say that I already know her writing styles since I just read only two of her works, but so far, what’s similar in those two books is that it doesn’t have a Disney’s happy-ever-after. You know what I mean right? Those endings where the prince ends up marrying a commoner or just simply, endings which shows that everything goes well as you dreamed of.


Nevertheless, both books have good endings, more of a true to life ending. Marla Miniano will tell you, through the books, that just because the ending is not what you’ve wished for doesn’t mean that it’s not a happy ending anymore. Because in life, even good things must come to an end; and sometimes, what you really want to happen is not what you really need.


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