You Still Exist.

I gotta ask, do you ever think about us?

listen, I just gotta get this off my chest. am I the only one with feelings that never left?

but whatever we went through, how love turned into anger. It’s killing me inside ’cause now we’re just strangers. 

Tell me honestly, am I the one you’re missing? 

‘Cause what we could of had, it could of been beautiful…

I tried so hard not to slip
but you became a part of me I can’t resist
and even though we went our separate ways
and you’re happy where you are but for me 
You’re the one I miss 

I promised myself that I wouldn’t call
’cause I know what I’m doing ain’t good at all 
and even though it’s been quite a while
and you’re good where you are but for me…
You still exist..

I hope you think good of me every time I’m mentioned 

but look at us now.. we don’t even talk 
it’s like we never happened and everything was lost
I see you movin’ on and I should do the same
but have you ever wondered, love..what if you stayed?

what if you stayed and never called it quits
I guess that’s a dream that I’ll never get to live


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