As me and my bestfriend-slash-soulfriend, Trixie, watched “Tween Academy”, we realized that it’s indeed not our thing anymore. Well, we already know that even before we decided to watch it, but we can’t resist the cuteness of these two youngsters: Derrick Monasterio (for Trixie) and Kristofer Martin (for me). haha! 

There are scenes that other girls inside the theater were silently screaming out of kiligness and we just cant help but say “uh? anong meron?” I think it’s not that the girls are over-reacting but I guess, it’s just that we’re too old, or rather, getting old to go kilig with the flow of the story. Trixie said, “patapos na tayo sa phase na yan, or should I say, tapos na tayo.” I don’t know if it’s a good thing or what. Getting old means getting ready to face the real life out of the four corners of a school.

Admit it or not, some of us wishes/wished to be back in highschool even for a day. But highschool is highschool, we will never experience that again. Those times where you are happily laughing with your friends, or getting kilig with your crush, or singing your school hymn for the last time during your graduation were now just a memory. A memory that hopefully, will never be forgotten.


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