Troy’s Independence Day.

I can still clearly recall what happened last year at this very exact day, every details of it, from morning till dawn.

Emergency room. Doctors. Nurses. Mommy. Daddy. Me. Relatives. HS friends. CRIES. HEARTACHE. TROY.

I thought it will be hard for me to face this day. This very hour.

“Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” was the last movie we watched together. And I thank God for letting me share that special time with him. 

A day before that incident, Daddy told me to always give Troy a happy time as we’ll never know what will happen. At that time, he’s already weak, very weak. But death that thing didn’t come to my mind as I said to myself, he’s very young, very young. I’m confident that we will surpass his weakness stage. But I was wrong.

It’s hard to face the everyday of your life when you know that someone is missing, and that someone will never come back. But year had pass – Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, everyday. And fortunately, I’m still here, strong as ever. Indeed, problems will help you become strong.

It’s not that I already moved on, nor I already forgot him. It’s just that, I’m doing the right thing ’cause not letting him go will just make him sad.

I know that you know that you will always stay in my heart, wherever I go, whatever I do. Some things may change, but our relationship will never ever change.

I LOVE YOU BROTHER. Andito ka –> ♥


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