Letters to God.

What a good way to end my Good Friday.

I planned to watch the movie “Letters to God” last Maundy Thursday but I ended up watching “Red Riding Hood”. So, I decided to just watch it the day after since it’s Good Friday, and I knew from the start that this is a good movie to spend the Good Friday. I started watching it in the afternoon but I only watched the first 25 minutes of it because the family needed to go out to visit my brother’s grave. Later in the evening, I decided to finish the movie, and I finished it just before the day ends.

It was then I knew that God planned for this, for me to watch this movie just before the day ends, for me to reflect and pray for the remaining minutes of the day.

Obviously, I was moved by the movie, really moved. In fact, I was inspired by Tyler (the main lead of the story) to personally write a letter to God. I can’t stop crying at the middle of the movie up to the end, because I knew where the story is going; and I cried more after I learned that this is based on true story.

Through the whole movie, I can’t stop thinking of my brother. He’s like Tyler. Their love to God is just the same. Tyler inspired everyone, and I guess, Troy too, inspired everyone. I hope they know each other now. They are two great kids who deserved to be in His hands.

We also watched “Tanging Yaman” earlier, and I remember one of the lead actor said that God gives more difficulties to those He loves more. With that, I thank You for loving my brother. I thank You for choosing him to be a warrior and an instrument to inspire those people around him.

To those families who are facing this kind of problem (where one of the family member is seriously sick) right now, I hope that you’ll find peace in your hearts and I hope that you should stop asking God, ‘why?’ ‘why him/her?’, but instead thank Him for choosing your loved ones as a warrior and ask Him for strength and guidance. God will never fail each and every one of us.



2 thoughts on “Letters to God.

    1. thanks yuk! sayo ko ata nakuha tong movie, sa folder na may name mo dun sa HD ni baldy. kaya thanks to you. hehe. godbless yuk! and yea, miss u too! see you sooooon, sana. hehe.ILY! muah!


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