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Arch of the Century

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Four years ago, I entered this historical arch (as one of the practices of new students in this certain university) with a vision of going out of this same arch four years later.

But things didn’t go as I planned.

Time came that I need to accept the fact that I will not be able to go out of this arch with that proud feeling, ever.

As I make this post, I kept thinking what if I didn’t leave that university, for sure everything, everything, about me now will be different.

Will I be one of the quadricentennial graduates? Will I be a feeling conyo – slash- manila girl? Will I have a boyfriend, new or the same guy as I had before? Will I cry as soon as I went out of this arch or will I jump happily? Will my brother be still alive?

Too many questions that will not be answered, or rather, doesn’t need to have an answer. Cause this path I’m taking now is not my choice , not my parents’, but God’s. And I’m very thankful that He gave me this path. Though I don’t know which path is better, but I do know that  I’m loving this path He chose for me.

If not for this path, I will not be able to experience Ellipsis’ product launching, being a volunteer for the Bagyong Ondoy tragedy, being in the theater production “Sagrado”, intern in PDI, filming short film “Sekend”, meeting my school’s pioneer batch of AB Comm, of course my GFFs, and many other experiences.

Now I know that everything is worth it. Just like what they say, when a door closes, a window opens.

Nevertheless, I’m very proud that my bestfriend, Michael Viray, survived the 4years independently and successfully went out of the arch last March 25. Cheers to you Kel and to my other CA2 blockmates!


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